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Ralphh 2's Summary
After a 6 months break from the game and more than 7 months since my last Warhammer Online movie, I'm back!

Spent about 4 weeks to get to the same gear level as the rest of my guild, but I'm finally there! Got from not even full Annihilator to full Invader in less than a month. This was possible because of the help of my guild, the server transfer to Karak-Norn and my extreme luck for drops (You'll see this in the video).
I also gained over 17 Renown Ranks doing the 4 weeks.

This would not have been possible without the help from my guild: Affliction (formerly know as Ruin from Burlok). This video is a tribute to Skumlog and the rest of the guild, for inviting me back after 6 months away from the game, helping me back on my feet and for being an awesome guild.

The video is actually more about Affliction, than it is about me. Its all about us!

Was filmed doing 1.2.1 and 1.3

Hope you Enjoy :)
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