Career: Goblin Shaman

P Title Category Date Size Rating DLs
Guerrilla warfare in Black Crag 200Skirmishes09-06-17184-1753
Ambushed 2009-06-11Skirmishes09-06-1730-984
Moonlapse in Praag 2009-05-07Skirmishes09-06-17178-774
Cleaning WAR 2009-05-10Skirmishes09-06-16174-686
Welcome Burlokians 2009-05-11Skirmishes09-06-16172-521
Caledor Action 2009-05-12Skirmishes09-06-16131-512
Crowded in Chaos Wastes 2009-05-16Skirmishes09-06-16162-572
Small in Praag 2009-05-16Skirmishes09-06-1659-479
Back in Praag 2009-05-19Skirmishes09-06-16181-727
Trying to defend Garrison of SkullsSkirmishes09-06-16108-504
Pecking Lemmings Part 2 2009-05-25Skirmishes09-06-16164-501
Pecking Lemmings Part 1 2009-05-25Skirmishes09-06-16182-544
Lobba Mill fun 2009-05-25Skirmishes09-06-16124-500
Order restored? 2009-06-09Skirmishes09-06-15183-721
Moonlapse Promo VideoGuild Promotion09-05-05145.003160
Zgorbio - Solo PvP - shamanSkirmishes09-05-051264.054598
Incomming pt.1RvR09-04-0355-1895
Vavii the ShamanRvR08-12-29107-2302
solo gork rvr [lvl40]RvR08-12-22183.868616
Stonebreaker3 - Ruin - HochlandSkirmishes08-11-1120-663
Stonebreaker2 - Ruin - HochlandSkirmishes08-11-1094-544
Stonebreaker - Ruin - HochlandSkirmishes08-11-1047-650
Wallclimb to AltdorfExploration08-10-16244.224578
Tiswa, Power of the Waaagghhh; PartTrailers08-10-159-1421
Goblin Shammy, Power of the Waagh!RvR08-10-03343.983980
Eysis Shaman Open Beta RvRRvR08-09-2012-1100
Warhammer - Beta Szeanrio/Open PvPRvR08-09-15266-1019
Warhammer Online Guild Promo: ApokaGuild Promotion08-08-2253.601538

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